Paintball Ain’t Painful

Paintball Ain’t Painful

Does it really hurt when you get hit by a paintball? This is a question frequently asked by first-timers. By the way, getting a clear hit means you’re out of the game. So better find ways to stay longer. Going back, there are many possible answers to the first question. Here are those answers and some important tips to remember to prepare yourself before entering the paintball field.

Answer #1: If you got hit at close range, yes, it’ll hurt
Not just paintball, if you got hit by a solid object at close range, it’ll really hurt. For paintball, the worst you could get is a bruise on your skin. Not bad, right? Besides, what would you expect from a fast-speeding bullet? If you don’t want to get hit by close range, then start up a plan like making strategic positions. In a paintball arena, there will be some strategic spots. Others are obvious while some will be hidden and most of the time, those are the best spots but for other people, they prefer it best if they’ll make their own strategic battle formations. You know the offense defense rule, right? Same rules apply here. In a group, there must be members on the offense while the others will be on the defense or the “silent killers.” You can decide on that in the field. If you’re a first-timer, it is better if you try both and compare where you are most efficient.

Answer #2: If you got hit at the sensitive part of your body, yes, it’ll hurt
What are these sensitive parts? It could be the bottom of your spine, the back of your neck/head, the inside of your leg, and… you know… the most precious organ in our body. Probably, the most painful is if you get hit by a paintball on your hands, specifically your fingers, because the hands have the most function in playing this game. Merciless players usually hit their opponents on these sensitive parts to restrain them from shooting This is because bullets that bounced off are not counted as a hit and if they get the chance, they will definitely go for the attack so better cover these parts properly for you to stay longer in the game and to score more points. Merciless players usually hit their opponents on these sensitive parts to restrain them from shooting their paintball guns.

Answer #3: If you got hit the first time, then the following hits won’t be as painful
“It is better the second time around”, yeah, this quote could also relate to paintball. When you’re already used to it, it won’t be as painful as it was the first-time, especially with the veteran players. (Hey, that’s not what I meant. How dare you! you dirty! Laughing now, aren’t we? Kidding aside). For the pros, it’ll be just like being sprayed by a water gun.

Answer #4: If you are properly suited up, it won’t be painful
Other than covering the sensitive parts of your body, you also need to properly suit up. Facilitators won’t let you play on the field if you are improperly dressed. So, prepare a mask, multiple layer of clothes (depending on the weather condition), athletic sneakers or combat boots, gloves, and other necessary items for safety. This sport is not dangerous, this is actually fun. But accidents don’t choose where they will happen, accidents can occur even at the most unexpected places. Better to be safe at all times

As people say, “It’s all in the mind. Help convince yourself, “PAINTBALL AIN’T PAINFUL.”